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An outlook on potentialities and technologies related to the MEDITA network

Date and time: Tuesday, December 16th 2014, 10:30 AM

Location: Florence, Palazzo Strozzi Sacrati, Sala Pegaso, Piazza Duomo 10

Meeting agenda:

10:30 – Meeting registration.

11:00 – Welcome/Introduction – Regione Toscana.

11:30 – MEDITA project’s network – Claudio Bertini (Interporto Toscano A.Vespucci).

12:00 – MEDITA start up and development in the national logistic scenario – Antonella Querci (Port Authority of Livorno).

12:30 – Why joining MEDITA network? – Costs and advantages, by Port Authority of Livorno and Interporto Toscano A. Vespucci.

13:00 – Focus on released technology – Alessandro Paternostro (Leghorn).

13:15 – Lunch break.

14:30 – MEDITA platform live demo – Massimo Zedda (Aleph).

15:00 – Potential partnership models – Fabrizio Borgogna (Elevante).

15:30 – Workshop: future structure of the MEDITA network in the Mediterranean universe.

16:30 – End of meeting.

For more information:

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Project Chemlog – track and trace of chemical products


Is a European cooperation project between regional authorities, chemical industry associations and scientific institutions from Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Slovenia and Italy with the objective to strengthen competitiveness of the chemical industry by improving framework conditions for supply chain management in Central and Eastern Europe.

Available on the website the 1st newsletter of the project

Dear Reader,

In the last year the MEDITA project, co-financed by the Med Programme through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), has been focusing on the promotion of new solutions for the monitoring of freight flow and services within the Mediterranean.

This newsletter is the main communications channel for this project and complements additional corporate communications tools that will be promoted and supported through the development of the MEDITA project. The newsletter will provide stakeholders and general public with important information about the ongoing MEDITA activities, official acts and documents, circulars, guidelines, reports and events.

Download the 1st newsletter of the project: newsletter_1_number

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