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Register yourself at MEDITA

It is still possible to register yourself at MEDITA final event at the following link:

Meditracknet is an RFID tracking system for RO.RO. units including trucks, tractor units, (semi)trailers, passenger cars, caravans, etc). It is an ICT tool at the core of a transnational transport network.

An RFID tag is a data-carrying technology which stores information such as tag ID number, vehicle plate number and vehicle type. It can also store any other relevant information the user deems necessary.

Meditracknet collects all the data sent by the RFID Readers and stores them in a Cloud-based IT system, making the data available to the relevant users through a geo-referenced interface, using trusted web services as well as rights based authorization access.

The system is fully adaptable to users needs and can support the traceability of commodities at international level also for the warehouses of the single company.

Discover how Meditracknet can support your business and help us to improve it!

MEDITA presented at the MarketPlaceDay 2015

Il MarketPlaceDay 2015 organizzato da Confindustria Ancona al Palatriccoli di Jesi ha visto la partecipazione di 250 imprese provenienti da tutta la regione Marche, 5 aree tematiche dedicate all’internazionalizzazione con 15 operatori esteri, alle start-up con 35 aziende presenti, al credito con 10 banche che hanno sostenuto l’iniziativa, all’innovazione con 9 aziende a presentare i loro brevetti e alle convenzioni Confindustria con 26 aziende partecipanti…


Join the Medita network

Right now MED.I.T.A. is not just a project but an operative network among ports and dry ports that permits an easier and faster movements of goods in the Mediterranean area using low cost technologies such as passive RFID UHF. The good collaboration mood established by all the partners in the project consortium under the leadership of Interporto Toscano has been a key factor for achieving this important results. Nevertheless, exploit these good results will not be possible without the support of the stakeholders that are guiding and will be testing the MED.I.T.A. pilot action. The results achieved have been explained through several meetings with operators and policy makers but the first public event took place in Florence the 16th of December. The event was also the occasion to promote the improved cooperation of Livorno Port Authority and Interporto Toscano which increased their prospective of integration. Furthermore, during the event a cooperation agreement was signed by Livorno Port Authorty and Tripoli Port which is one of the main stakeholders of MED.I.T.A.

The network is getting bigger. Get in touch if you want more information. You will find more news on the next public event at LIVORNO 4TH OF JUNE 2015 ASAP!

Presented the results of Medita project

The 23rd of March project partners presented the results of Medita project to Greek local stakeholders and to the students of Piraeus university.

Medita community is growing is appealing to private stakeholders and the platform delivered in the project framework is fully operative online. It is time to think about a follow up and on a major application of it.

Now it has been tested for Ro-Ro and container traffic but a new project proposal is under preparation and it will take into consideration different mode of transport and analyse different application of the system.