MEDITA technical commitee

A specific technical committee of the project MEDITA was held on May 31th 2013 in Valencia. Each operative partner presented their own state of the art in the implementation of Intelligent Freight Corridor between Valencia, Livorno, Jesi Ancona, Bar and Patras, allowing goods and information traceability integrating RFID technologies with the appropriate IT systems. MEDITA’s system architecture works at two levels; Certification: The first time the freight company sends a registration request. the identification number corresponding to the RFID tag mounted on the truck and/or on the trailer and its corresponding path. Implementation of 3 types of RFID devices managed by the platform: Non – remouvable RFID passive tag on the truck; Non – remouvable RFID passive tag on the trailer; Verification of the truck’s RFID the first time it enters a MEDITA network node.